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Studio Lam specialises inhigh end graphic content. Next to graphic and web design, I offer customised (screen)printed content and products.

Studio Lam was founded in January 2021. After several years of experience where I created graphic content and web - applications for friends, family, acquaintances, ... I took my experience to the next level.

How Studio lam was founded

My story

Want to know more about when and how Studio Lam was created, or do you want to know more about my life?


everal years ago, I started drawing and creating small graphic content. These were basic, small logo's for friends and family, or just a simple website for showing my skills.
During my first professional bachelors degree in ICT, I expanded my skills in the development of web and mobile applications.

In a second bachelors degree, I took my graphic design skills to a next level. Here I created a further expertise and used those skills for my future.
In January 2021, I launched my freelance business, Studio Lam. With Studio Lam I want to share my skills with other people.

Studio Lam offers several services. Going from graphic design, to screenprinting custom sweaters.

What services do I offer?
  • Graphic Design
  • Web - and mobile design
  • Customised (screen)printing
  • Pop - up clothing store
  • ...
Brigitte Coomans
Architectenbureau Dedeyne -coomans

"The graphic content created byStudio Lam is just stunning. It gave my business the opportunity to not only grow online, but I got a new and fresh modern look."

For the lifeguards of Middelkerke & Westende Studio lam had the opportunity to design a logo for these limited edition bordured sweaters.

What do I Do?

What can I offer you? A creative solution where I offer you a graphic representation of your imagination.

01. Graphic Design

The sky is the limit, so is your imagination.
Do you want a graphic solution of your imagination where I offer you a stunning design to your needs, or do you want a simple and minimal logo design...

02. Web Design

Do you want to take your imagination to the next step and create a simple blog, or do you want a high profile and stunning web - application...

03. Custom (Screen)printing

Do you want to make more advertisement with your business by making your own sweaters?
I can offer you custom screenprinting, even with your own design...
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